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A few lucky people are born without wisdom teeth. Others have enough room in their mouth for one or more special teeth, which are situated in the back corners of your mouth both above and below. Wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to appear in adults between ages of 17 and 27. In many people, the rate of wisdom teeth growth development equates to the rate of regular teeth growth. The issue with wisdom teeth arises, when your normal teeth don’t leave enough room for wisdom teeth to grow. People that have wisdom teeth always wonder when and why should they resort to wisdom teeth extraction.

If wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to grow they are called impacted. When you have an impacted wisdom tooth, you will very likely fall victim to moderate or severe pain. Additionally the risk of infections increases tremendously. Our professionals at Nottingham Dental often recommend wisdom tooth extraction even if the impacted tooth has not caused any pain yet. We believe this is a great measure to prevent much more serious dental problems, which could arise quiet fast.

Here are some ways a wisdom tooth can be impacted:

  1. If it grows at an angle toward the second molar
  2. If it grows at an angle toward the back of your mouth
  3. If following growth the tooth stays trapped within the jawbone

The problems arising from impacted wisdom teeth are not limited to pain and bacterial infections. One other serious problem involves damage to adjacent teeth. That is why from a financial standpoint it is necessary to resort to wisdom tooth extraction early, because holding off could result in additional expenses from damage to other teeth. Another problem caused by impacted wisdom teeth is the increased difficulty in teeth straightening. If you resort to orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth, your expected results of the treatment could be compromised if a wisdom tooth is not taken care of early. It is also crucial to remember is that symptom-free wisdom teeth could still be gateway to gum disease and deep tooth cavities.

Following detailed analysis of the level of impact from your wisdom teeth, our dentists will choose one of the three types of anesthesia. Following the actual procedure of wisdom teeth extraction, we give all of our patients detailed instructions about recovery.

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